Pricing & Timing



3 days

20 video panelists

Mobile ethnography. 18-35 female residents of Texas, Florida, and Georgia.


2 days

30 video panelists

In-home product test. Gender balance, balance of 18-34/35-65, 15%+ live with a child under 18, broad geographic distribution across the UK, have ordered dinner delivery at least once in the last two weeks.


10 days

10 video + 100 quant panelists

Creative testing. 26-64 Floridians earning $0-75K, speak mostly or only Spanish.


45 days

600 video panelists

Concept validation. 12 countries/6 languages. 2 phases. Consumer and B2B audiences.


  • Our pricing is per instapanel study and all-inclusive.
  • No subscription required and no recurring costs.
  • Starts at $3,500 USD for a 20 panelist instapanel with basic age/gender/location targeting (English-language, US-recruit, broad demographics).
  • Our team scales from $3,500 quick-turn instapanels to $100,000ᐩ multiphase engagements with 1000s of panelists and complex requirements, methodologies, and analysis.


  • As little as 24 hours from launch to full results in exceptional cases, with 3-10ᐩ days more typical, especially for larger, multilingual, and custom recruits.
  • See instant results as your responses come in.
  • Tell us your timeline, no matter how short, and we’ll give you a proposal that works within it.
  • We aim to get you a quote and proposal within 24 hours.

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