How We Work

Our Approach

Empathy at Scale

Instapanel reveals human truths so that statistics and abstractions become understanding and conviction. We help decision-makers understand the people affected by their decisions, and help people better understand why those decisions were made.


We act as an extension of your team and leverage our tech to save you time and effort. No need to learn a new tool, just tell our team what you want and we execute.


We use AI to make our team more efficient, but we always have a human review so you can feel confident putting your results in front of execs.

Our Process

Audience & Questionnaire

Our team helps as much or as little as you’d like with defining your audience targeting criteria and authoring your questionnaire.

Spreadsheet Export

Recruit & Record

We custom-recruit your panelists, from social media and beyond. We quote you a price (including panelist incentives), and it’s on us to deliver your audience.

Recruit & Record

Quality Review

Start seeing instant results as soon as we quality check your incoming videos. If you’re not getting the type of responses you expected, we can adjust your audience and questionnaire on the fly.

Recruit & Record

Transcribe & Translate

Our team transcribes and translates from 28 different languages, with progressive refinements showing up as soon as we have them.

Recruit & Record

Code & Segment

Our team sociologically codes to go beyond basic keywords and capture concepts and feelings. Segment the results and quantify the human responses in your videos.

Recruit & Record

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