Market Research in a Pandemic

Massive shifts in consumer behavior & sentiment paired with the sudden inability to conduct in-person research - your work is likely getting more complicated, and we believe we can help.

Instapanel's approach to remote research has clear advantages over traditional in-person methodologies:

Open-ended video responses

Video responses capture the richness of panelists’ thoughts and draw out the unknown-unknowns you didn’t even know to ask about, which is especially important as consumers reevaluate every aspect of their consumption habits. Our video capture technology is web-based, which means it works immediately on every device and provides a seamless experience for participants.

Social media recruitment

Elevating the quality of study participants is at the core of everything we do. Because we use social media targeting and verification to source panelists based on your unique criteria, we're able to avoid professional survey takers and deliver a high-quality custom panel.

Fast turnaround

On a regular day, recruitment for remote research is much faster. Now, an increase in remote working and time spent at home means an increase in availability of potentially great panelists who have the time and could also use a break from the news.


Compared to traditional focus groups, participants can join immediately and from anywhere, and because the time commitment is much lower, panelist quality goes up while cost goes down.

Instapanel's distributed global team can deliver your research projects without interruption. Our project-based pricing means most clients need minimal-to-no sign-off from IT & procurement, and your studies can be fielding within 24 hours.

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