Case Studies

What does Gen Z think?

Under 18s
Thought Leadership

VMLY&R partnered with Instapanel to explore Gen Z's thoughts and feelings on everything from social issues to big tech to just being a kid these days.

$11,470 USD (list price) • 9 days
50 video panelists who:

  • Must agree to a public release. 13-17 year olds's parents provide public release.
  • 50/50% balance of 13-17/18-24
  • At least 40% ethnically diverse
  • Broad geographic sample across the US

How can a PSA persuade gun owners to safely store their firearms?

Creative Validation
Animated Storyboards
Script Testing

The Brady Campaign, the Ad Council, and Droga5 partnered with Instapanel to test gun owners reactions to an in-development script before moving to production & filming on their "End Family Fire" campaign.

$8,530 USD (list price) • 6 days
50 video / 100 quant panelists who:

  • Keep a firearm in the home
  • Parents 25-54 with children under 18 in the home
  • Live in rural or suburban areas
  • Broad geographic sample across the US

How can music help brands resonate with diverse audiences?

Creative Validation
Soundtrack Testing
Multicultural Audience

The Advertising Research Foundation's Cultural Effectiveness Council partnered with Instapanel to explore how advertisers's choice of music affects their resonance, particularly among multicultural audiences.

$10,880 USD (list price) • 5 days
80 video panelists who are:

  • 21+ years-old
  • 50%/50% gender balance, +/-10%
  • Broad geographic sample across the US
  • Equal sample of White/Caucasian, African American/Black, Hispanic, Asian/Asian American

How can a design lab change plastic bag usage?

Concept Testing
In Home Testing
Willingness to Pay

A social good startup and design lab partnered with Instapanel to gauge consumer interest in and conduct in-home testing of a new product: a bracelet that seamlessly transforms into a reusable tote bag.

$4,280 USD (list price) • 5 days
20 video/200 quant panelists who are:

  • 50% “green” consumers and 50% non-”green” consumers
  • 18-45 years old
  • Broad geographic sample across urban cities in the US
  • Mix of genders

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