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Our Capabilities

Video & Quant

Clients come for our video tech, and stay for our team - partnering with us for all their market research needs, including quant and hybrid video/quant studies

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Zip down to the level of a postcode.
Recruit globally in 28 languages.

Just a Link

Our web-based video tech means our team can share invite links via social media ads, targeted messages, online communities, your email list - whatever it takes to recruit your audience.

Mobile First

2/3s of panelists record on mobile, so we can research in the moment and on the go. From in store to in VR/AR. From unboxings to outside the box.


Nothing in Moderation

Panelists record alone, without moderator, groupthink, and bias. Intimate like a confession booth. Quantifiable like a lab experiment. Ask 20 panelists, get 20 opinions.

Two Clicks

We make it easy for panelists to record videos within 2 clicks. More convenient for panelists = higher quality panelists and faster recruitment.

Our Services

Mobile Ethnographies

Collect video on the go.

Exploratory Research

Seed your creative ideation with customer input.

Creative Validation

Test ads, storyboards, voiceovers, copy, and brand elements.

Customer Journeys

Virtual or real-world end-to-end testing.

In-Store Testing

Send panelists out into the world for shop-alongs and dine-alongs.


Embed 360° experiences in your questionnaire.

In-Person Product Testing

Unboxing and longitudinal testing.

Internationalization & Localization

Understand language and cultural differences.


Starts qual and becomes quant on its own with larger sample sizes.


Multiple-choice, ranking, images, and text responses.

Video/Quant Hybrid

Statistical rigor, with video revealing “why”.

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